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  1. Heatwave Summer Suppers

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    My goodness it’s been hot in London these past few days. I hope you’re all enjoying the weather and are inspired to create delicious light suppers to enjoy al fresco. These chargrilled vegetables with pesto, dill and feta works really well on the BBQ too. You can pretty much use any veggies, we used courgette, red pepper, aubergine and asparagus. We griddled them with a little oil until tender, crumbled over some feta cheese, and garnished with sprigs of dill, mint and chive. The dressing is a classic pesto – perfect for drizzling over or dipping.

    Recipe and food stying – Rob Morris
    Props and Photography – Me

  2. The Vegetable Patch

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    Last month I worked with the uber talented Lucy Ruth Hathaway from Hers on a lovely fruit and vegetable series. All of the ingredients had to be sliced very thinly so we could shine as much light through them as possible. We also managed to create time lapse videos which you can see here:

  3. Pea Pods & Hands

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    I don’t normally shoot people but our food stylist Steffi ( had a great idea for a shot of someone shelling peas. Our model Conny, I’m sure you’ll agree, has the perfect hands for the job. It’s nice to see a bit of action in my work rather than me just trying to get a carrot to look less melancholic.

  4. The Spring Radish

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    These freshly picked radishes have such an intense colour. They’ll add a peppery taste to your favourite salad as well as looking so delicate and pretty when sliced thinly. Add a little sea salt to bring the flavour out. But don’t forget to give them a good rinse,
    salad + grit = yuk.

  5. Beautiful Baby Beetroot

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    I’m loving my new shot (if I’m allowed to say that about my own work).  The beautiful silver tray was a great find in Muswell Hill Oxfam and the dulled metal really sets of the beautiful vibrancy of the baby beetroot.  Thanks to our food stylist Marta for sourcing and making the beetroot look so appetising.

  6. Kohlrabi ‘O’ Klock

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    Today it’s all about organic veg and although I’m eating M&S chocolate brownies for breakfast I am definitely thinking of all of the goodness and fibre these beauties provide (the cabbage not the brownies).

  7. One of Five a day…

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    Apparently vegetables are good for you.  I have a bit of a child like relationship with veg, surely if you have salad on one day that’s your veg intake for the week?  Well, anyway I digress. I enjoy shooting vegetables much more than I enjoy eating the things.  I hope you like these rustic shots of veg in their simplest form.