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  1. Seasonal Soup

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    Here’s a couple of shots I did for the stock cube people Knorr before Christmas. The Pea soup can be eaten chilled so is perfect all year round but while the weather is still a little chilly warm up with the French Onion complete with an oversized gruyere crouton.

    Prop Styling: Kate Vaughan
    Food Styling: Stephanie Knowles-Dellner

  2. Pea Pods & Hands

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    I don’t normally shoot people but our food stylist Steffi ( had a great idea for a shot of someone shelling peas. Our model Conny, I’m sure you’ll agree, has the perfect hands for the job. It’s nice to see a bit of action in my work rather than me just trying to get a carrot to look less melancholic.

  3. It’s all about the pies

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    As a former southerner I was uneducated when it came to the joy of pies.  I have now had my pie education and appreciate them as much more than just an accompaniment to peas.  This ones steak and kidney which would have been my preferred choice pre-vegetarian!  I hope this one influences tonights supper (oops, I mean ‘tea’).