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  1. Seasonal Soup

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    Here’s a couple of shots I did for the stock cube people Knorr before Christmas. The Pea soup can be eaten chilled so is perfect all year round but while the weather is still a little chilly warm up with the French Onion complete with an oversized gruyere crouton.

    Prop Styling: Kate Vaughan
    Food Styling: Stephanie Knowles-Dellner

  2. New work for the Coop Christmas Campaign

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    Here’s a couple of shots from my recent job on the Coop Christmas Campaign. It was a great shoot, with lots of tasty food sampling and christmas decs galore.Thanks to Rosie Hopper for the amazing, never ending props and Steffi Knowles-Dellner for the beautiful food styling.

  3. Food& blog post

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    I’m so pleased to have been asked by the amazing foodie food blog ‘food &’ to do a photo essay for a delicious frittata recipe. I love the food& blog, it’s such a beautiful looking site and the recipe was delicious too. Check out the full recipe at

  4. Beautiful Baby Beetroot

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    I’m loving my new shot (if I’m allowed to say that about my own work).  The beautiful silver tray was a great find in Muswell Hill Oxfam and the dulled metal really sets of the beautiful vibrancy of the baby beetroot.  Thanks to our food stylist Marta for sourcing and making the beetroot look so appetising.

  5. Mmm…healthy japanese snacks

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    These seaweed peanut crackers look so pretty and they taste pretty good too.  I’m not sure if they are actually a healthy snack but they certainly catch your eye.

  6. Limited light

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    This was shot on a very rainy day in North London.  I used the limited light in a very controlled way and really love the mood it gives to the shot.  The only downside is what on earth to do with the squash now?  Not my favourite vegetable…

  7. apples and pears

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    No I haven’t turned all cockney – just shooting lovely british grown produce in the beautiful Keswick daylight.

  8. Mushrooms & Shallot Skins

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    These mushrooms were so smelly it was not a pleasant experience shooting them at all.  Thankfully they look so pretty I can forgive their off putting aroma.


    I love the simplicity of these beautiful shallot skins, rich in colour and somehow elegantly lounging.