Debby Harrison

New Moving Image Work

I’ve been steadily adding to my moving image portfolio with clients like The Sunday Times Magazine, John Lewis, Knorr & Philadelphia. Check out my moving image work on the link below and keep a look out on Instagram for updates. These pictured are some new stop motions coming soon…

STOP MOTION 3_6029web
STOP MOTION 2_5876sml

Catching Up

It’s been a busy few months. Check out my latest work and news on Instagram:


Embracing Instagram

For the latest news from my working life follow me on Instagram -

Although I am a fairly reflective thinker I love the immediacy of Instagram and it’s instant capturing of what’s going on in my world. From the stuff I enjoy doing to something that catches my eye I feel you can get to know me as a person and a photographer much more easily and completely on Instagram rather than through my blog. Don’t worry there are limited decedent selfies, just a place to document my life as I’m living it.

Stuff you will see on my Instagram account: prosecco, chocolate, blossom, gold things, decorative tiles, pink things, my work, me at work, stuffed bears.




Springtime Salad

Now that the sun has been out for a few days I’ve turned my attention to some lovely salads that are perfect for spring. Here’s one I shot for Park Royal Studios and their delicious catering facilities at The Cove. Enjoy while the rain stays away!

Food Styling: Stephanie Knowles-Dellner
Client: Park Royal Studios



Earlier in the year I shot a still life project of all the things that caught my eye. You can view the whole project here and see if you agree that I would make a good magpie.


Personal Project

It has always struck me as odd that nursery rhymes are told to children as a means to soothe and calm when the meaning behind the words tend to be sinister, eerie and often misunderstood. In this project I have revisited 5 nursery rhymes and through lighting and props have given them a malevolent feel rather than the pleasantly illustrated ones of our childhood. The full project can be viewed here:

Ring a Ring o’ Roses – often mistaken for being about the black death the origins and meaning are unknown

The Owl and the Pussycat – although this is a poem and not a nursery rhyme it has quite an odd feel to it despite being a poem essentially about love

Humpty Dumpty – some people think Humpty Dumpty refers to a large cannon used during the English civil war

Old Mother Hubbard – refers to Cardinal Thomas Wolsey who fell out of favour with King Henry VIII by not facilitating the Kings divorce from Queen Katherine of Aragon

Three Blind Mice – mainly thought to be about the bloody execution of 3 Protestant bishops by the hands of Queen Mary I

Styling: Nina Beresford